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Textile industry

Companies in the textile industry adopt Profet AI to predict raw materials price trends and improve new product development efficiency.


Textiles are a necessary product for humans and thus industry has a very long history. Textile products are even more ubiquitous in many aspects, such as in food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment. In recent years, the textile industry has faced multiple challenges, such as exchange rate changes, low-price competition from competitors, and the retirement of veteran workers. These challenges will accelerate the pace of digital transformation in the textile industry.



The textile industry highly relies on human experience and knowledge. Whether it is the development of various functional fabrics or the purchase of raw materials, these problems are solved through the experience and knowledge of master craftsmen. The textile industry is exploring the use of past product R&D experience and historical raw material procurement data in order to build AI models, digitalizing the critical experience in the company in order to stay competitive.


Cloth product development, Dye auxiliaries formulation optimization, Apparel quality inspection, Raw material procurement

Raw material price prediction

The price of raw materials accounts for a large proportion of the cost structure in the textile industry. Using AI modeling to assist in purchasing decisions can help create greater profits.

Fabric shrinkage prediction

Fabrics shrink after washing or soaking. Data from past fabric specifications can be used to build AI models to help evaluate the shrinkage rate of fabrics, which can help shorten the development process of fabrics.


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