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Electronic Manufacturing Services, EMS

Profet AI helps EMS companies quickly find key factors that impact quality and reduce issue identification time by 50%


Surface mount technology (SMT) has always been a key technology for electronic manufacturers. SMT is widely used in the manufacturing of products such as smart devices, communications equipment, networking equipment, automotive electronics, and servers. With the evolution of new technology, time to market has become critical for electronic supply chains.



Small-volume, large-variety product manufacturing and quick changeover is becoming a trend for electronic manufacturers. Being able to increase the speed of new product launches and achieve the highest quality by optimizing manufacturing parameters is a competitive advantage for companies.


Application - Solder paste printer  , SPI , Mounter , Reflow , AOI...etc

Parameter optimization

The small-volume, large-variety characteristic of electronic products results in the challenge of stable quality and time to mass production when new and old products are manufactured together.

False alarm rate reduction

Alarms require the quality inspection team to double-check the alarm in order to continue the manufacturing process. When false alarms happen, this leads to wasted labor time and production time.

Reflow parameter optimzation

When engineers put PCB boards in the reflow machine, they must test the temperature of the important components on the board and adjust the parameters based on the reflow equipment's instruction and past experience. Master craftsmen are able to complete this process quickly and accurately, while apprentices can not. Many business owners have observed this situation and hope to avoid this knowledge gap between different employees, wanting to extend this knowledge to everyone.

Al for Everyone strategy

From the discovery of valuable AI topics to the corporate proliferation of AI adoption (from a single team to corporate level activities), domain experts hope to upgrade their analytic capabilities from BI to AI in order to explore more opportunities of AI implementation in different businesses processes.


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