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Industries Applications


IC Assembly and Test

IC assembly and test companies leverage Profet AI's prediction models in order to accelerate the speed of parameter adjustment.


Panel and Semiconductor Industry

Profet AI supports domain experts in different functions to build prediction models with the manufacture data they have , such as manufacture parameter optimization , quality root cause analysis , NPI parameter simulation and virtual measurement.


Printed Circuit Board, PCB

By using Profet AI, PCB companies can optimize precious metal usage in the ENIG process to reduce material costs by about 10%


Electronic Manufacturing Services, EMS

Profet AI helps EMS companies quickly find key factors that impact quality and reduce issue identification time by 50%


Textile Industry

Companies in the textile industry adopt Profet AI to predict raw materials price trends and improve new product development efficiency.


Petrochemical & Rubber

Through the usage of Profet AI, the accumulated product data in the past decades helps pass on R&D knowledge and experience through machine learning.


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