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Profet AI Inside

We believe that cross-industry alliances with different software, hardware, and service partners brings huge value to our customers.

The Profet AI Inside program helps our partners leverage the power of AI easily to create additional value for their solutions.

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Profet AI's key partner - Asia Giant is a chemical equipment manufacturing company with 30 years of experience, specializing in chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industry.In recent years , under the trend of smart manufacturing and industrial 4.0 , Asia Giant aggressively integrate more and more AI and Intelligent solution into their equipment to provide better service and quality to their customers. Collaborating with ProfetAI , Asia Giant launches an intelligent monitoring system with capability to monitor and predict abnormal events to reduce downtime and improve OEE.​

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Paul Hsu mentioned that adopting a No-Code platform for development has almost zero learning costs, with the ability to get started "One day to start , one week to result". Profet AI CEO Jerry Huang said : Expressed his delight in being able to assist traditional leading equipment industries in Taiwan, deepening their cooperation with Aisa Giant on the new strategy for the second successor and gaining a better understanding of pain points in process management. He looks forward to more interdisciplinary cooperation opportunities in the future.


AUO Digital’s leading data collection solution - SPIIDER could support six major PLC brand and be directly connected directly without purchasing additional communication module. After collecting factories’ data by SPIIDER , ProfetAI’s platform can use the data to rapidly generate prediction model to improve quality , efficiency and delivery.


Harbor Tech and ProfetAI’s co-create solution - SVDM Smart Vibration Diagnostic and Monitoring Solution solved the challenge of vibration frequency prediction and improve customer’s equipment downtime.


Light Space , a full service lighting design company which utilizes cutting edge LED technology to vastly improve lighting standards.  Light Space also provides solar , energy saving and smart manufacture solutions. With ProfetAI’s No-Code AI solution , Light Space’s service  transform from energy management to energy prediction and realize better value to customer


3Egreen provides a smart sensors solution which is suitable for factories, office buildings, schools, and any place that needs electricity. Now 3Egreen users can build their electricity prediction model by ProfetAI’s No Code platform to transform energy management to energy prediction which results in great cost saving.  



Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, NEXCOM is committed to being your trustworthy partner in building the intelligent solutions. To surpass customers' expectations, NEXCOM makes the difference by utilizing its decades of industrial computing experience, a highly talented R&D team, and by providing exceptional levels of customer service. With these core strengths, NEXCOM has enabled its customers to win key projects in a diverse range of industries.

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GoodLinker is a leading AIOT War Room solution provider for Small & Medium business. No only generate reports and dashboards , GoodLinker integrates with ProfetAI’s solution to help their customers to achieve digital transformation and extend and enhance the experience of the master craftsmen.

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TUNG-I's company logo is compose by TIIS four letters which is the abbreviation of "Tung-I Information Service" . At the same time , it demonstrates the value of the company -"teamwork" , "Integrity" , "Innovation" , "Service". TIIS hope employees can keep learning , improving and innovating the business process and strengthen the synergy of team work. TIIS is commited to the quality and service on client's project and wish to be client's best IT partner.


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