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Your AI Enabler.
Accelerating AI Success by

Leveraging a Virtual AI Consultant


Improve ability of enterprises to profit from AI.

AILM - AI Assistant for Everyone to Accelerate Enterprise Decision-making

AILM is virtual assistant that helps businesses use artificial intelligence (AI) more effectively. It does this by integrating AI governance, providing guidance on AI applications, standardizing project procedures, and improving collaboration among decision-makers. AILM also helps to share AI knowledge across the organization, so that everyone can make decisions based on data and insights.

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Virtual AI Consultant for AI Governance

AILM helps businesses find where AI can be used in their operations by providing a knowledge base of AI applications, dashboards to track AI projects, and examples of how AI is being used in different industries.

Industrial AI knowledge base, helping enterprises establish AI thinking. 

Diverse management dashboards, assisting decision-makers to track the progress of AI initiatives.

Cross-industry AI use cases, enhancing enterprise assessment of AI application benefits.

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Standardized Management - Understanding Resource Utilization for AI projects

Through a variety of strategies, AILM helps managers improve their decision-making ability to evaluate AI project execution and allocate resources in the best way.

Highly flexible templates that help managers quickly grasp the AI needs of each department.

Various management methods expedite AI project execution and resource allocation, making it more efficient.

AILM facilitates smooth collaboration across departments, significantly improving the effectiveness of AI applications.

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AILM Optimizes Analysis to Achieve Maximum Benefits

By tracking team progress and data in real time, AILM helps you stay up-to-date on your execution and maximize your benefits.

Clarify problems and business requirements to improve AI project success rate and achieve higher ROI.

Real-time monitoring and validation of team data quality to ensure data reliability.

Encourage team members to think from multiple perspectives to clarify the full picture of the problem and break through bottlenecks.


Benchmarking AI Best Practices to Preserve Core Competencies

AILM consolidates critical AI topics and processes for enterprises, laying the foundation for enterprises to accelerate AI adoption.

Consolidate AI topics into the enterprise knowledge base to achieve experience transfer.

Use AILM for knowledge management to establish the key foundation for enterprise AI application, accelerating AI deployment.

Activate AI experience within the organization, realizing the democratization of AI.


Assisting Businesses in Achieving Judgment Standardization

Currently, enterprises are transitioning from "Management Standardization" based on past experiences to "Process Standardization" following systematic workflows. However, with the rise of AI and the advent of generative AI technologies, progressive companies should advance "Judgment Standardization" with data analysis at its core to enhance their competitiveness.

Management Standardization

  • Master-apprentice teaching

  • Paper-based work

  • Long training time


  • Digitization

  • System implementation and online training

  • Knowledge can be retained and easily disseminated

Judgment Standardization

  • Intelligentization/AI-ization

  • Machine learning tools + RPA

  • Decision-making based on data

  • More intelligent prediction

AILM helps enterprises achieve AI workflow standardization, effectively managing the complete lifecycle of each model from concept to actual application. Based on data analysis, AILM enables more intelligent operations and business learning and forecasting!

Profet AI AILM+AutoML Facilitates Seamless Integration of AI within Enterprises

Profet AI AILM, combined with AutoML, integrates AI application development and deployment, from topic explorarion to model building, completing the entire AI lifecycle within the enterprise. AutoML's No-code format further reduces the usage threshold, integrating AI tools into daily workflows!




The AILM Framework quantifies the value of issues and allocates resources to impactful AI initiatives, while addressing transparency and governance challenges.


AILM Lifecycle Management Platform helps businesses shorten cross-department collaboration time and record AI usage processes, becoming an internal AI knowledge base.

Start Building Your Enterprise AI Process Management Now!

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