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run the world better?

We are here to help you run the world better through AI adoptions.
Partner with Profet AI and discover how people would benefit from your business.


AUO Digitech / Zake Lin   Vice President 

By cooperating with Profet AI and implementing No-code platform , Domain users without knowledge of algorithm can use AI to solve their business challenge , AI now 
plays a big part in AUO engineers' working process.

 HI-P / Alex Lin , Vice President

Collaborating with Profet AI to use AI to support fast decision-making and prevention can maintain our company's advantages in ups and downs. "Good talents, good tools, and good partners are the keys to for adpoting AI for enterprises."

AUO Digitech / Shoutian  Wang Vice President

AUO Digitech partnered with Profet AI to launch the Citizen AI strategy  to accelerate organization-wide AI adoption; They co-created products and solutions with Profet AI to strengthen and offer smart manufacturing capabilities industry-wide. 

Kinik/ James Ho R&D Director

Kinik partnered with Profet AI to digitalize the knowledge and experience of their master craftsmen across their production lines, and saw immediate effect within a week into the partnership.

OSE/ Daniel Wang CIO

OSE implemented Profet AI to optimize equipment efficiency and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), with the goal of maximizing existing production capacity. 

ATP / Jeff Senior Vice President

ATP partnered with Profet AI to launch their Citizen AI strategy to accelerate the potential of AI across their entire organization. 

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