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looking for a data story

We have a better idea of your data for we see people in it.
Profet AI complies human intelligence and helps you unfold the data story. 


About us

Profet AI was established in 2018 with the goal of helping enterprises to adopt AI Machine Learning applications. As a leading brand of AutoML solution , our vision is to leverage our over 20 years of experience working in world class technology companies ,along with our manufacturing know-how and experience , to create value to our client. Profet AI's virtual data scientist platform support our clients to realize data's value with only one day to start , one week to results.

With Profet AI's solution , enterprise can establish the culture of citizen AI by extending and enhancing the experience of the master craftsmen and proliferate AI across different departments and processes. We hope to make the world runs better !!"

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AUO Digital Technology

By cooperating with Profet AI and implementing No-code platform , 
Domain users without knowledge of algorithm can use AI to solve their business challenge , AI now 
plays a big part in AUO engineers' working process.

Zake Lin   Vice President of AUO Digital Technology


The performance of the prediction model created by Profet AI's platform by one week is just the same as what we had done in a half year.
Profet AI's platform helps us quickly find out key manufactring parameter and develop accurate models to support our production lines.

Court Liao , CIO of Symbio


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