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IC Assembly and Test

IC assembly and test companies leverage Profet AI's prediction models in order to accelerate the speed of parameter adjustment.


The importance of semiconductor manufacturing to the world is self-evident. Prismark, a well-known market research company in the United States, pointed out that the global packaging industry, excluding testing, has a market size of USD$57 billion (about NT$1.61 trillion). From 2019 to 2024, the global IC packaging and testing market will have a compound growth rate of 5.6% per year, and will even grow faster than the entire semiconductor market. With the advent of the era of 5G, electric vehicles, and AIOT in the future, the overall increase in IC applications will drive strong demand for IC components.



In the era of AI, IC packaging companies are considering using AI technology to improve the production quality to meet strict customer requirements. On the other hand, since the demand for IC packaging and testing exceeds the supply in recent years, how enterprises adopt AI quickly to optimize equipment parameters in order to improve efficiency becomes a critical issue.


Wire bonding , R&D engineering

Quick equipment parameter adjustment to improve capacity

The semiconductor industry has a short life cycle, engineers spend a lot of time adjusting and tuning equipment when implementing a new product. Therefore, how quickly enterprises are able to adjust equipment parameters to improve production capacity becomes a critical mission for IC packaging and testing companies.

Al for Everyone strategy
Wire bonding(WB) equipment's parameter optimization

WB equipment is widely used in the IC packaging and testing industry, so parameter optimization of WB equipment is a key factor in quality improvement."

From the discovery of valuable AI topics to the corporate proliferation of AI adoption (from a single team to corporate level activities), domain experts hope to upgrade their analytic capabilities from BI to AI in order to explore more opportunities of AI implementation in different businesses processes.


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