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Printed Circuit Board, PCB

By using Profet AI, PCB companies can optimize precious metal usage in the ENIG process to reduce material costs by about 10%


The PCB industry has always been known as "The Mother of the Electronics Industry". Without PCB products, electronic products can't deliver its function and value. Although the PCB market is not an emerging industry, it still plays a critical role in the electronic and high-tech industries. Global research company, Prismark, predicts that the global PCB market will grow by 8.5% in 2021 and continue to grow by 5% per year from 2021-2024. Not only do products such as HPC (high-performance computing) drive the strong demand for ICs and PCBs, but also, electronic products such as mobile phones, laptops, wearable devices, servers, electric vehicles and networking solutions contribute to the surge in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.



PCB factories face the challenge of dealing with complicated manufacturing processes, implementing new manufacturing techniques, and high requirements of quality and cost control. Being able to identify the most important problem and to solve these problems is a critical issue for PCB factories.


Application - ENIG , Etching , Drilling , Developing

Automatic virtual metrology

Although most manufacturing equipment has the ability of in-line monitoring, the complexity of different products, coupled with small-volume large-variety production, makes most inspection systems detect problems only after the report is issued.

Predictive maintenance

Maintenance (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) is a routine and important mission for factories, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Many companies are looking for solutions to eliminate unnecessary maintenance and the quantity of spare parts inventory. Anomaly detection with AI can help factories detect anomalies in advance, helping to monitor and diagnose critical equipment components and features.

Material and recipe optimization

Most companies rely on employee experience to set manufacturing parameters, such as the different combinations of the equipment's parameters and the mixture and proportion of precious metals. How to leverage the power of data science to make sure that the equipment's parameters and the mixture of raw materials are optimized becomes a challenge for PCB vendors.

Al for Everyone strategy

From the discovery of valuable AI topics, to the corporate proliferation of AI adoption (from a single team to corporate level activities), domain experts hope to upgrade their analytic capabilities from BI to AI in order to explore more opportunities for AI implementation in different business processes.


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