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Profet AI Launches the World's First Enterprise AI Lifecycle Management Platform for AI Governance

AILM empowers manufacturers to control, manage, and propagate their core domain know-how, facilitating successful global expansion

Profet AI, an enterprise AI application provider for the manufacturing industry, has announced the official launch of AILM (AI Lifecycle Management Platform), the world's first enterprise platform for AI governance. AILM enables manufacturers to control, manage, and propagate their core domain know-how, both internally within the company and externally to facilitate expansion to other countries or locations.

AILM aids enterprises in the early stages of the AI lifecycle by standardizing the process of identifying and selecting the most suitable problems for applying AI to. It also improves the transparency of the implementation process which aids effective cross-organizational collaboration. After completing a project, it facilitates the dissemination of these AI paradigms throughout the organization.

AILM is the world's first platform of its kind and positions Profet AI, as well as Taiwan, to establish the rules and standards for governing AI applications in manufacturing.

Profet AI 創辦人一同歡慶新產品 —— AILM 上市發表

▲ Profet AI co-founders celebrate the launch of the new product, AILM. From left to right: Max Chen (Profet AI Chief R&D Officer), Jerry Huang (Profet AI CEO), Forster Lin (Profet AI CTO)

The Need for AI Governance in Manufacturing

Manufacturing leaders universally recognize the pressing need for AI adoption. However, according to the "Manufacturing Leadership Council’s 2023 Industrial AI in 2030 survey," only around 29% of companies have integrated their AI initiatives into formal plans or strategies, despite 96% of manufacturers planning to increase investments in AI.

Drawing from our experience of working with more than 160 manufacturing clients, Profet AI has identified four common challenges that enterprises face when adopting AI:

  1. There is no standardized way of choosing the right problems to apply AI to.

  2. There is a lack of transparency in the way AI is implemented throughout enterprises.

  3. It is difficult to effectively disseminate AI knowledge throughout an entire company. Although many customers already utilize AI, often departments use different methods, and this experience and knowledge are not shared.

  4. There is a lack of incentivized reward systems that encourage employees to take the initiative in learning and sharing AI implementation experiences.

The motivation behind developing AILM was to assist partners in overcoming these challenges, through leveraging AI to achieve ‘judgement standardization'.

Profet AI 共同創辦人暨執行長黃建豪,回顧今年Profet AI成果,分享 AI 應用趨勢

▲ Profet AI Co-founder and CEO, Jerry Huang, reflects on this year's achievements, sharing trends in AI applications.

“We anticipate that AI management will have a transformative impact on the manufacturing sector, similar to what generative AI has already had on global business,” said Jerry Huang, Co-founder and CEO of Profet AI. “AI governance will become an essential capability for enterprises to maintain a competitive advantage by extracting valuable insights from vast amounts of data and patterns.”

How AILM Ensures Effective Enterprise AI Governance

AILM offers the following functionality to meet the decision-making requirements of the AI lifecycle governance process.:

  • Case Library: AILM provides an AI industry case library and AI standardization management tools, including flexible and configurable templates, to help users and managers establish a company-wide AI mindset.

  • Real-Time Tracking: AILM optimizes analysis by providing real-time tracking, allowing teams to quickly process data, clearly identify problems, and boost project success rates and ROI.

  • Real-Time Analysis: AILM's real-time analysis tools improve progress tracking, which helps maintain quality, and enables teams to effectively address AI challenges.

  • Enterprise Knowledge Base: AILM helps enterprises foster a culture of AI usage by accumulating knowledge and experience, which can easily be shared across departments and regions.

  • No-Code AI Application Development: AILM, when used in conjunction with Profet AI's No-code AutoML platform, enables enterprises to quickly develop and deploy AI applications aligned with their strategic objectives, and seamlessly integrates AI tools into daily workflows.

The next step in the AILM product roadmap for the rest of the year is the integration with Generative AI. This integration will significantly enhance the usage efficiency and experience of AI governance tools.

Profet AI 共同創辦人暨技術長林裕鑫,介紹新品 AILM - AI 生命週期管理平台

▲ Profet AI Co-founder and CTO, Forster Lin, introduces the new product AILM - AI Lifecycle Management Platform.

Forster Lin, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Profet AI said: "AILM was built on the foundation of the collective experiences gained from working with hundreds of global manufacturing clients. We will continue to listen to our customers and integrate their needs and expectations into the AILM product development roadmap."

Profet AI announced the completion of a Series A funding round in January 2023, raising a total of $5.6 million. Additionally, the company has expanded into the markets of Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. This year, Profet AI also celebrated the launch of Profet AI Suzhou, a joint venture with industrial firm Aedgetech, in China.


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