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Profet AI partners with PRE-STATION Ai, a startup initiative of Japan's SoftBank

Conducting webinars to help enterprises in utilizing digital transformation to move towards a better and greener future.

Pre-Station - AI

The "PRE-STATION Ai" start-up program is a start-up program organized by Station Ai, a subsidiary of Japan's SoftBank, dedicated to promoting open innovation and assisting the incubation and development of start-ups. To date, some 220 new start-ups have received assistance, with only 12 overseas start-ups being selected for the program. Profet AI, which is deeply entrenched in the manufacturing AI application market, is also the first Taiwanese company to be selected for the program

The AutoML platform: a digital enabler for manufacturing

In the webinar co-organized with PRE-STATION Ai, on top of introducing the automated machine learning (AutoML)platform which is developed to lower the barrier to entry for enterprises to drive AI projects, Profet Ai also shared the rich experience in successfully implementing AI in enterprises over the years, highlighting the key elements in driving digital transformation within the manufacturing industry. Among them, the successful achievement of digital transformation through the AutoML platform is also one of the highlights of the webinar. AUO Digitech, a subsidiary of AUO Group, integrated existing systems through the AutoML platform to successfully reduce electricity consumption and achieve ESG goals simultaneously. To boot, BenQ Materials, one of the top five polarizer suppliers in the world, was also given a leg up to successfully improve their manufacturing process and break through the production bottleneck.

Accelerating the process from traditional machine learning to automated machine learning

Machine learning in the past required multiple steps such as data preprocessing, modeling and model validation, etc. As a result, the model development process required professional data scientists to execute and can take months. With the AutoML platform exclusively designed and provided by Profet AI, the above steps can be fully automated and implemented quickly in a week, even for personnel without an IT background.

Assisting enterprises to complete adoption of AI to achieve ESG goals

Zake Lin, Vice President of AUO Digitech, shared at the event that data on power consumption can be efficiently collected through the integration of AUO Digitech's Smart Grid system with the Profet AI AutoML platform. When the power exceeds the preset threshold, AI can assist in adjustments, which significantly reduced electricity consumption by 8%.

BenQ Materials has implemented more than 20 projects in a short period of time through Profet AI, thereby improving their manufacturing processes, breaking through production bottlenecks, and saving up to 8-figure costs. AI tools provided by Profet AI with high value for money and adjustment flexibility facilitated key factor analysis, process parameter simulation, and formula exploration over and above improving process and production bottlenecks as well as reducing investment costs significantly to create high benefits. Product yield is increased and management is optimized through the proactive introduction of AI applications within the enterprise, thereby driving the overall operational performance further.



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