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Profet AI Selected in "Aichi Landing Pad"- Program of Accelerate Aichi by 500

_ Profet AI Technology Co., Ltd. (Profet AI) announced today that it has been selected as one of the 17 international startups to participate in the"Aichi Landing Pad''. The Pad is part of the programs run in collaboration with 500 Global and the Aichi Prefectural Government to develop and build up the startup ecosystem within Aichi County of Japan. As a leading AI software provider for the manufacturing industry, Profet AI will be able to access global mentors to create customized go-to-market strategies and connect with the global startup community and industry players in Japan, making it a stepping stone into the Japanese market.

Ranking the second largest region in Japan in terms of GDP and per capita income [next to Tokyo], leading companies have turned to Aichi to establish their regional headquarters, most of which are of the automotive and manufacturing industry. In view of this, 500 Global has partnered with the Aichi Prefectural Government to bring in international startups to gradually build the ecosystem of innovative industries in the region.

The “Aichi Landing Pad” of “Accelerate Aichi by 500” is now in its second year to bring overseas startups to Japan. The 17 selected companies come from 10 countries and regions, from the fields of mobility and smart cities, fintech, sustainability, healthcare and SaaS for manufacturing and logistics. During the 8-week program, the selected entrepreneurs can not only collaborate with mentors to develop business strategies, but interact with the local ecosystem and partners to quickly enter the Japanese market.

Profet AI is dedicated to building a plug-and-play no-code AutoML AI Platform, the company has successfully assisted dozens of globally renowned high-tech and traditional manufacturing clients in Taiwan, including AUO Corporation, Symbio, Inc., Qisda Corporation, Maxxis, Everest Textile and Hi-P Group… etc.. Profet AI worked with their clients to upgrade and transform their businesses with AI technology. In September [of 2022], Profet AI was named in the “2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Artificial Intelligence Startup, Great China '', listed as a representative AI Startup of Data Science and Machine Learning (DSML).

“AI is a necessary step to ensure the sustainable growth of enterprises.” Stated Jerry Huang, Chief Executive Officer of Profet AI, “The key to benefit from it is how to choose and land the right AI application to meet the needs of the industry.” Profet AI's no-code platform and Ready to Go Applications have successfully made AI applications available to all. More than 80% of the professionals within a company are able to use AI to solve their problems.

With the rapid growth of Taiwan's manufacturing customers, Profet AI has expanded its reach to the global supply chain, and has started the global expansion. Profet AI is honored to be a part of the program of “Accelerate Aichi by 500”, and hopes to work with teams from different industries to provide new vibes to the Japanese startup environment and demonstrate Profet AI's capability to add value to companies by empowering them with AI.




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