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Profet AI Determines to Enhance Efforts in Developing Japanese Market

This is the first time that a Taiwanese company, with its AI platform products launching a new version, has been included in the SoftBank's start-up program.

Profet AI deploys rapidly in the AI application of manufacturing industry. Since the company unveils the plan of accelerating overseas market deployment, it has reached multiple key milestones in Japan. Following the success of the Aichi Landing Pad Program "Accelerate Aichi by 500" in February, a program co-operated by the government of Aichi and 500 Global, Profet AI strengthen its development in Japanese market. Last month, the company joined the start-up program "Pre-Station AI", organized by a subsidiary of SoftBank, Station AI. With the product of its no-code AutoML virtual data scientist platform updated to version 4.1, the sharply growing market demand is met.

The start-up program "Pre-Station AI", held by Station AI, a subsidiary of SoftBank, aims at promoting Open Innovation and helping startups form and grow. Profet AI was selected as one of the 23 startups and the first Taiwanese company in the program. Through this program, Profet AI will put more efforts in exploiting the Japanese market, creating more business and cooperation opportunities.

In response to the rapidly expanding AI market demand, Profet Ai not only joins start-up programs, but also continues to update its products. Its no-code AutoML virtual data scientist platform has been upgraded to version 4.1. This update is based on the feedback of more than 100 customers in Taiwan, not only optimizing its product performance, but also improving its AI model visualization function, in order to draw the product closer to the user and be in line with the business philosophy of "everyone can use AI tools for data analysis easily".Moreover, Profet Ai will launch the world's first AI Lifecycle Management by mid-year to solve the problems of large-scale AI model maintenance and knowledge management in the manufacturing industry, planning for the future of AIGC (AI Generated Content) in advance.

In order to further assist the Japanese manufacturing industry in introducing and implementing AI technology quickly, Profet AI will join forces with Ubiquitous AI to participate in the AI Expo held in Tokyo from May 10 to May 12. At the exhibition, Profet AI will demonstrate AI application solutions for the manufacturing industry and communicate with exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. In June, it will also exhibit a number of AI applications at the manufacturing DX exhibition in Tokyo. In the future, Profet AI will continue to expand the Japanese market and facilitate the popularization of AI in manufacturing industry through cooperation with local partners in Japan, so that 80% of the company's employees can become data scientists.

Jerry Huang, the founder and the CEO of Profet AI, said: “In the past, Profet AI has successfully deployed AI technology through 100% self-developed AutoML software to the world's top manufacturing industries in Taiwan, helping enterprises to quickly empower and improve the process and R&D response speed to achieve ESG and global implementation. We exploit into the top manufacturing industries for our products to meet the needs of AI in the manufacturing industry. We are now extending our products to the operation field. For example, for Japan, where the cost of human resources is high and ESG development is emphasized, Jerry Huang also pointed out: “Japan has a good background for applying AI technology to solve the problems the industry is facing. We are delighted to be able to get closer to users in Japan through Station AI's start-up program and the upcoming communication in exhibitions. I am convinced that Profet AI's rapid implementation of AI solutions can create more values for Japanese enterprises.”





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