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Profet AI and Hive Ventures Showcase Taiwan AI Manufacturing Expertise at Ho Chi Minh Event

Crossover Talks forum will highlight how manufacturers in Vietnam can study Taiwan AI best practices to accelerate their digital transformation and nurture AI talent

Galaxy Quest - Vietnam

Taiwanese AutoML enterprise solution for the manufacturing sector, Profet AI, in collaboration with Hive Ventures, will host a forum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on June 19th, in which speakers will share Taiwan's expertise and experiences in implementing manufacturing AI, nurturing AI talent and digital transformation, with local enterprises. The forum is named ‘Crossover Talks’ and will be the first event held by the company in Vietnam.

Profet AI and Hive Ventures chose to hold this event in Vietnam because of its growing importance for both Taiwan and the global manufacturing sector as a whole. Vietnam's industrial sector, grew 9.9%[1] in 2022, a year that marks the 30th anniversary of Taiwan-Vietnam trade relations, where bilateral trade volume closed in on US$ 28 billion[2]. Taiwan is now Vietnam's fifth-largest trading partner, with an annual trade volume growth rate of 24.4%.

Taiwan Manufacturing AI Expertise Can Boost Slowing Vietnam Manufacturing

A key aim of the event is to introduce best practices that can help attendees deal with growing economic challenges, such as AI implementation, talent development, and fostering the right mindset for investing in digital transformation in a downturn.

Speakers and topics at the Galaxy summit to include:

  • Yan Lee, Founder & Managing Partner of Hive Ventures, will present an AI trend report for 2021 and 2022 and an overview of the current industry benefits of AI.

  • Profet AI customers, including Justin Chen, CIO of MAXXIS, Kenny Chiu, Vice President of Shuttle Service Co. Ltd., and James Chan, Innovation Advisor at Acon-Holding Inc., will take the stage to share their experiences with AI and digital transformation.

  • Professor Dr. Chia-Yen Lee of the Department of Information Management, National Taiwan University will explore Vietnam's market prospects and offer practical strategies for enterprises to leverage AI successfully.

  • Jonathan Yu, General Manager of Sales, Profet AI, will delve into the emerging trend of specialized AI talent training within the framework of Vietnam's government policies.

  • Benjamin Kuo, Vice President for Industry-Academia Collaboration, Taiwan AI Academy, will give his assessment of Vietnam's AI prospects and discuss why it's essential to invest in AI during a downturn.

  • Den Ng of Macrovention, Jack Chao of AUO Digitech, and Gia Lung Chin, Executive Director of PwC, who are partners of Profet AI, will share their insights on implementing AI applications and the crucial role of partnerships in this journey.

"Vietnam has clearly become increasingly important in the global manufacturing supply chain in recent years. By introducing and sharing Taiwan's knowhow, we hope to drive mutual development in the field of manufacturing AI and create a future of shared success." - Jerry Huang, Profet AI's Co-founder, and CEO

The Crossover Talks forum will be a part of the four-day Galaxy Quest 2023 event, hosted by Hive Ventures, which will bring together industry leaders to discuss the latest technology trends, case studies, successes, and future opportunities.



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