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Profet AI recruits Shu-Kai Fan, Professor from NTUT, as the consultant

Date: 2023-09-04

Profet AI, a leading AI solution provider in the manufacturing industry, is thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Shu-Kai Fan, Dean of the College of Management and professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at the National Taipei University of Technology, as well as the Chairman of Board of the Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers, as our consultant of product research and industrial strategy development. This collaboration aims to deepen the integration of AI algorithms and applications within the manufacturing industry, assist industry clients in sustainable innovation and nurture future talent, fostering an AI-powered ecosystem for Taiwan's manufacturing industry and beyond.

Profet AI 杰倫智能科技延攬北科大工業工程系教授范書愷擔任顧問 加深製造業 AI 演算法與應用深度 厚植 AI 共強生態圈

Dr. Shu-Kai Fan has dedicated over two decades to fields such as engineering optimization, advanced process control, and big data analytics. His research has encompassed the application of smart manufacturing and intelligent computing in practical production domains. By employing methods like intelligent production management and real-time service process enhancement, he has elevated resource efficiency in both production and service domains. Dr. Fan has been actively engaged in numerous industry-academia collaboration projects and technology transfers, including semiconductor manufacturing, panel production, passive component manufacturing, printed circuit board production, and laptop manufacturing. Collaborative partners in these ventures have included companies like UMC, PSMC, AUO, Walsin Technology, and KYEC, and he has incorporated data science techniques such as machine learning into industrial applications. In recent years, he has taken on the role of Editors-in-Chief for the international academic journal "Engineering Optimization," becoming the first editor-in-chief from Asia in the nearly fifty-year history of the journal. He has plans to launch themed special issues aimed at enhancing the focus on optimization methodologies and practical research in the field of engineering in Taiwan.

Dr. Shu-Kai Fan holds the view that enterprises should have a clear understanding of their positioning and vigorously develop their competitiveness. In areas of expertise, they should utilize technologies such as machine learning and deep learning to liberate domain knowledge through AI. This, in turn, can lead to the optimization and innovation of this knowledge, continuously enhancing the value of products and services. Such an approach is essential to maintaining an advantage amidst the digital transformation wave. Dr. Fan also emphasizes the importance of collaboration between academia and industry, asserting that the richness of research and the presence of exceptional talent within academia inject new vitality into the upgraded digital transformation of enterprises.

Leveraging its profound knowledge of the manufacturing domain and its user-friendly no-code AutoML platform, Profet AI is transforming the accumulated data of the manufacturing industry into high-quality automotive prediction models. This assists enterprises in swiftly deploying AI applications, empowering 80% of key employees to become proficient in AI. The AutoML system aids companies in analyzing crucial factors affecting research, development, production, and sales, allowing them to cultivate an internal AI culture while transitioning from standardized management and procedures towards AI-driven predictive learning and decision-making standardization. To date, Profet AI has amassed a strong portfolio of over 200 medium- and large-scale manufacturing customers across 12 major industries, with more than 70% of them being industry leaders and listed companies, such as AUO, Qisda, ACON, MAXXIS, BenQ Materials, and Symbio.In the future, the company also plans to launch the world's first AI Lifecycle Management platform(AILM) for manufacturing, enabling enterprise clients to effectively manage, monitor, and integrate information between execution and decision-making as they tackle internal and external challenges. This transformation aims to make "decision-making standardization" an integral part of future enterprises, empowering them to thrive amidst intense industry competition.

Forster Lin, the co-founder and CTO of Profet AI, has expressed unwavering confidence in the addition of Dr. Shu-Kai Fan. With his extensive research background and long-standing insights into Taiwan's industries and academia, Dr. Fan is well poised to provide precise guidance and professional advice for Profet AI's future product research, development, and market expansion. His exceptional professional performance will further contribute to solidifying the industry-academia relationship at Profet AI, fostering a collaborative atmosphere for research, innovation, and talent cultivation. Forster Lin asserts that with Dr. Shu-Kai Fan's support, Profet AI is primed to accelerate the construction of a robust manufacturing AI ecosystem, collaborating with global partners and industry clients to establish world-class AI application standards.



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