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Profet AI recruits Chia-Yen Lee, Professor from NTU, as the Strategic Advisor

Profet AI, a leading AI application provider in the manufacturing industry, has announced the appointment of Professor Chia-Yen Lee from the Department of Information Management at National Taiwan University as a consultant of product research and industry development to jointly drive widespread adoption and advancement of AI applications, while helping industrial clients achieve sustained growth through continuous innovation.

Professor Chia-Yen Lee brings a wealth of expertise to his new role as a consultant for product research and industry development at Profet AI. With a Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, he specializes in several areas relevant to manufacturing, including data science, intelligent manufacturing systems, productivity and efficiency analysis, and carbon offsetting and trading. Professor Lee's skills in statistical methods and optimization techniques are particularly valuable for improving production efficiency and yield, with applications in capacity planning, production scheduling, process diagnosis, predictive maintenance, raw material price forecasting, and procurement optimization. He has extensive experience in both academic research and industry-academia collaboration projects related to manufacturing. His book, "Manufacturing Data Science: Towards Smart Manufacturing and Digital Decision-Making," has also provided important insights and managerial implications to the manufacturing industry.

Professor Lee mentioned, AI represents a significant opportunity for society to move beyond traditional and low-dimensional thinking, and better understand the complex, nonlinear interactions among big data. As economic conditions and environmental factors dramatically evolve, he believes that companies should be proactive in leveraging AI to explore new possibilities and gain a competitive edge of future development. AI is a powerful tool for driving innovation and pursuing leading position in a fast-changing world.

Profet AI is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by providing a powerful, user-friendly AutoML Virtual Data Scientist Platform that simplifies AI deployment. Unlike other data science or AI solutions, the Profet AI platform generates high-quality prediction models in a matter of days, using just the relevant data uploaded to the platform. With implementation period as short as one week, manufacturers can easily expand capacity and improve efficiency, while gaining a competitive advantage through their owned AI solutions. To date, Profet AI has amassed a strong portfolio of over 100 medium- and large-scale manufacturing customers across 12 major industries, with more than 70% of them being industry leaders and listed companies, such as AUO, Qisda, Everest Textile, WUS Printed Circuit, Eternal Materials, and Cheng Shin Rubber.

Max Chen, the co-founder and R&D Director of Profet AI, has expressed his excitement about the appointment of Professor Lee, highlighting his extensive experience in R&D and profound understanding of intelligent manufacturing and data science. As the consultant for product research and industry development, Professor Lee will provide valuable advice and guidance to drive the growth and expansion of Profet AI. Additionally, Professor Lee will play a pivotal role in strengthening the company's industry-academia partnerships, identifying new opportunities for innovation and development collaboratively. With his expertise and insights, Professor Lee will make a significant contribution to the ongoing success of Profet AI as a leading provider of AI applications in the manufacturing industry.



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