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Go AI or Go Home Now is The Perfect Time to Learn AI.

With the sudden appearance of ChatGPT gaining momentum, generative AI has opened the era of AI and boosted a new wave of evolution in human society. However, this wave of AI evolution comes with the concern whether human jobs will be replaced by AI. Max Chen, one of the founders and the Chief R&D officer of Profet AI, agrees with Dr. Fei-Fei Li, the inaugural Sequoia Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University and former chief scientist at Google, that AI is human centered. AI exists to strengthen human ability, not to replace humans. This concept fully echoes the motto of Profet AI when it was founded: "We Are All About People." Max Chen emphasized that right now is the best time to accelerate the learning and the understanding of the application of AI, like the time when primitive people learnt to use fire, so as to yield competitive advantage with "the fire of AI" and make the world a better place.

We Are All About People

Max Chen explained that "We Are All About People" has been one of Profet AI's mottoes since it was founded. It means that the purpose of AI is not to replace people, but to make people's lives better. Without people, there will be no such thing as AI. The essence of AI is to learn from people. It takes from people and give back to people. The idea of "human-centered" not only embodies in the culture of the company, but also carries out in their products. Profet AI is embedded with a no-code AutoML product and “Ready To Go Applications”, a on-demand AI application repository built with more than 20 years of manufacturing genes, so that experts in various departments of an enterprise, such as the department of HR, Sales, Manufacturing and R&D, can achieve the company's goals with AI and realize the generalization of AI.

As for the recent discussion about whether AI will replace human, Max Chen indicated that this process is similar to the time when human first discovered, learnt to preserve and to start fire. The skill of understanding how to use fire is the determinant of human intelligence, lying the foundation for the development of human society. We can see the AI technology today as fire. Instead of reject or fear it due to unfamiliarity, we should learn to use it now. By acquiring the skill of using AI, people can take advantage of it more frequently to gain greater competitive advantage.

Max Chen recalled that when his company first promoted AutoML virtual data scientist platform to his clients' production line, they were worried that if this kind of platform will replace senior workers or data scientist teams. But after the introduction of AI has achieved results, his clients have begun to understand how AI can help the department improve efficiency. Domain experts or senior production line personnel have more time to plan and implement innovative projects or practices that were unavailable because of the “worker intelligence” working model. This one of the proofs that AI can “enhance” human capabilities.

Find the right partner and make the most of AI

However, frankly speaking, the emergence of all new technologies must be accompanied by advantages and disadvantages. For insance, the use of fire. Use the fire carelessly and it will jeopardize the society. Max Chen indicated that although AI technology is now proceeding at full speed, the problems that come with it, such as reinforcing bias, false information, and invading privacy, have no solutions. Only through continued cross-disciplinary dialogues and communication with experts or personnel from different platforms or fields can we cooperate to find answers. The Crossover Talks series of forums launched last year by Profet AI aims at building a communication platform between industry, academia experts and enterprises in various fields, brainstorming the best solution together.

Max Chen also reminded that with AI companies thriving, in order to join the enterprise that make good use of the power of AI, you have to find an AI partner who understand the needs correctly and offer accurate methods and support. For example, consulting services such as AI hackathons or workshops provided by Profet AI can be used by AI to think, find AI issues, model applications quickly, and spread into the processes of the company, to help clients effectively use and practice AI, so that they can make good use of the power of AI to achieve personal or corporate goals.

In addition, Profet AI's upcoming AI Lifecycle Management (AILM) platform in the second half of the year will be able to integrate and manage the models produced by the No-Code AI platform, as well as expand management on all the knowledge generated before modeling. Max Chen said that the upcoming AILM is to meet the management needs of a large number of AI models that will inevitably appear. In the future, enterprises will need AILM to properly manage "the fire of AI" and bring more benefits to human society through AI.



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