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Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2023: How Can Enterprises Achieve Digital Transform

In recent years, with the rise of Industry 4.0 and quite literally, “smart everything”, from smart manufacturing to smart retail to smart building to smart city, we see a push towards digital transformation, and with geographical restrictions set by COVID-19 for the past few years, for enterprises, either they be domestic or global, digital transformation could no longer be just a vision.

“Climate, digital, work, trust and resilience.” are the five keywords shared by Rick Wen, Sr. Executive Vice President of Deloitte Taiwan, during the Taiwan AI Academy Conference earlier this month, on what businesses from the six principal industry verticals of Taiwan, [naming telecommunication, manufacturing, finance, green energy, tourism and biomedical], should surround following actions and initiatives upon [the five keywords]. “All five words point to digital transformation.”, mentioned Wen.

In a recent report, Gartner listed 10 top technology trends for 2023, naming:

  • Digital Immune System

  • Applied Observability

  • AI TRiSM

  • Industry Cloud Platforms

  • Platform Engineering

  • Wireless-Value Realization

  • Superapps

  • Adaptive AI

  • Metaverse

  • Sustainable Technology

The ten trends will be the keys for companies in setting goals and objectives for the following three years, and most of which are in the front and center of digital transformation.In advancing digital transformation, Wen [of Deloitte Taiwan] touched base on four aspects that enterprises would need to focus on: operation optimization, resilient supply chain, sustainable transformation, and digital talents.

Operation Optimization:

Build Intelligent Environments (IE) to drive industrial transformation and move towards the era of Internet of Things (IoT)

Resilient Supply Chain:

The uncertainty following COVID-19, natural disasters and wars continues to disrupt global supply chain, enhancing industrial resilience has become a top priority.

Sustainable Transformation:

Reaching net zero and digital transformation initiatives go with each other in assisting enterprises to achieve their sustainable goals. Successful sustainable transformation can not only lead to a healthier business operation but also brings value to products and services innovation.

Digital Talents:

According to Deloitte's “Delivering Digital Talent” report, the ability to acquire future skills and evolve the current talent pool plays a significant part in successful digital transformation.

For companies to cover all four aspects in terms of digital transformation, scalable and speedy AI adoption is the key to adapt to the ever-changing dynamic and underlying regulations, however, companies face roadblocks in facilitating AI adoptions as AI and digital transformation projects are usually time consuming and at a relatively high cost. With limited resources, no-code AI platforms have been a solution that more and more enterprises have turned to.

No-Code AI platforms aim to facilitate companies' digital transformation initiatives, enabling even those without any prerequisite coding knowledge to make use of AI and develop unique AI models that cater to their needs, one of which being Profet AI’s No Code AutoML platform.




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