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Exclusive Profet AI Survey Assesses the Extent of AI Implementation in 160 Leading Taiwan Manufacturers over the Last Year

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Transforming the Manufacturing Workforce


Percentage of employees in Taiwan manufacturing organizations who reported being 'empowered' by AI

Domain Experts Embrace AI Adoption

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The percentage of domain experts that recognize AI's current and future benefits in their workflow.

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The percentage of domain experts with clear goals planning to invest in data automation, integration, and AI model management over the next 3 years


How AI is Implemented at an Organizational Level in Manufacturing

Manufacturers face many challenges in adapting to the opportunities and obstacles that AI presents. Taiwan is ahead of the curve in AI deployment, driven by bold first-movers who put in the foundations needed to cultivate an AI-oriented culture. Successful AI adoption depends on people, requiring both organization-wide mindset changes and the upskilling of key staff.

How to Drive AI Adoption through Domain Experts

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Steps for Supercharging Industrial Digital Transformation with AI

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How to Harness AI to Standardize Judgment and Manage Core Domain Know-How

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AI Case Studies: Results after AI Implementation

The 2024 State of
AI Adoption in Taiwan Manufacturing Report

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