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Transformation of Manufacturing | 從【工人智慧】到【人工智慧】的製造&電子產業轉型

Towards Artificial Intelligence: Transformation of Manufacturing | 從【工人智慧】到【人工智慧】的製造&電子產業轉型

Industry experts discuss their transition from Human Intelligence towards Artificial Intelligence in their bid to transform the electronics and manufacturing sector towards Industry 4.0. They also share their experiences in maintaining their competitive edge and drive operational excellence through the adoption of Data Virtualization and AutoML technologies.

Moderator: Jenny Shen, GM, NexCobot & GM NEXCOM Intelligent Systems


Daniel Wang - CIO, Orient Semiconductor Electronics Ltd.

Jeffray Hsieh - SVP, ATP Electronics

James Ho - R&D Director, Kinik

Jerry Huang - CEO, ProfetAI

Howard Chi - CEO, Canner Data

主持人:創博總經理及新漢智能業務總經理 沈倩怡


ATP國際資深副總裁 謝傑威

華泰電子資訊長 王金秋

中國砂輪研發長 何嘉哲

易開科技(Canner)創辦人 紀力榮

杰倫智能(ProfetAI)創辦人 黃建豪


Galaxy Summit 2021 Highlights

The Galaxy Summit 2021 was hosted by Hive Ventures, and co-hosted by the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA), with the aim to bring industry leaders from top conglomerates, academia and startups together in dialogue to explore the latest trends, case studies, experiences and successes in AI adoption.

The event was a huge success, bringing out over 800 attendees from large and small enterprises, VCs, and startups, including 200+ CXOs from leading conglomerates in Taiwan.



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