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Profet AI Takes on The World with New Expansion Plans

Taiwanese AutoML enterprise solution for the manufacturing sector, Profet AI, launched a new Asia expansion strategy at an event on May 18th. The launch of 'Profet AI Suzhou', a Suzhou, China-based joint venture between Profet AI and Aedgetech, a subsidiary of optoelectronics leader AUO Corporation, was also celebrated at the global event. This is Profet AI's seventh global location, after Taipei, Hsinchu, Kaohsiung, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

▲Profet AI celebrates the opening of its 7th global location through a live stream event, showcasing its active global expansion.

After a successful $5.6 million Series A funding in January, Profet AI achieved impressive results in Q1 of this year, with revenue growing by nearly 60% compared to the same period in 2022. The company successfully entered the automotive industry supply chain and made its first foray into the healthcare, renewable resources, and property management sectors. With a target to acquire more than 100 new customers this year, Profet AI continues to expand its global customer base, with a focus on Japan, China, and Southeast Asia

Strategic Targets: Japan and Southeast Asia

Profet AI has made Japan a key focus market for its expansion plans. In November 2022, the company participated in the "Aichi Global 500 Accelerator," a project to bring overseas startups to Aichi Prefecture in collaboration with 500 Global. The company also joined the "Pre-Station AI" startup program organized by SoftBank subsidiary Station AI in April 2023. Furthermore, Profet AI has been selected for the Access to Asia - For Japan 2023 program by IAPS at National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University.

This program will allow the company to have deeper collaborations with the local manufacturing industry in Kyushu, Japan's semiconductor hub. Additionally, Profet AI has launched local partnerships in Japan, including one with embedded software company Ubiquitous AI, and another to be announced shortly. They will also participate in the 2023 Japan Industry Exhibition to be held in Tokyo from June 21-23.

Profet AI has also set its sights on the Southeast Asian market, with a particular focus on Vietnam, which is now one of the preferred locations for manufacturing expansion and saw 9.9% growth in its industrial sector in 2022. The company will hold a Crossover Talks discussion forum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from June 18 - 21 with the goal of sharing Taiwan's successful experiences in using AI for manufacturing digital transformation with local businesses and exploring future collaboration.

Pioneering Standards for AI Implementations in Manufacturing

Prophet AI's AI Lifecycle Management (AILM) product, set to be launched in the third quarter, is a significant milestone that will cement its status as a trailblazer in the implementation of AI to improve manufacturing processes. With an increasing number of manufacturers using thousands of AI models, AILM's launch is timely, as it provides businesses with an efficient tool to manage their AI implementations. Furthermore, AILM's

integration with GPT technology will offer clients a self-controlled and automated GPT experience.

"The pandemic highlighted how crucial Taiwan’s manufacturing sector is to the global supply chain. We are now looking forward to collaborating with global manufacturing partners to share Taiwan expertise and improve their operations with our AI solutions" said Jerry Huang, Profet AI's Co-founder, and CEO.

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