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Unlocking Talent Digital Upskilling: Taiwan's High-Caliber AI Resources Enter the Vietnamese Market

Pioneering the First Overseas Crossover Talks.

Since 2021, Galaxy Summit has established itself as an esteemed event, annually convening industry-leading enterprises, innovative startups, and accomplished academics to deliberate upon forthcoming business trends and progressive operational paradigms. Profet AI has participated in the event for two consecutive years, engaging in in-depth dialogues with prominent industry figures on pivotal themes such as "AI integration into the manufacturing industry" and "Democratizing AI for universal accessibility." The event has garnered resounding accolades from esteemed corporations across sectors, attracting participation from a diverse assemblage of over a thousand attendees. Notably, Galaxy Summit has transcended its geographical boundaries in 2023, venturing abroad to orchestrate Galaxy Quest, a journey to the thriving Vietnamese market.

Profet AI curated a Crossover Talks series as part of the Galaxy Quest expedition to Vietnam. This series convened preeminent corporate leaders and distinguished academic experts, including Jonathan Yu, General Manager of Sales at Profet AI; Den Ng, Sales Director of Macrovention; Jack Chao, Executive Vice President of AUO Digitech; Justin Chen, CIO of MAXXIS; Yan Lee, Founder & Managing Partner of Hive Ventures, Jerry Huang, Co-Founder and CEO of Profet AI; Professor Chia-Yen Lee from NTU's Department of Information Management; Benjamin Kuo, Vice President for Industry-Academia Collaboration of Taiwan AI Academy; Kenny Chiu, Vice President of Shuttle Service; James Chan, Innovation Advisor at Acon-Holding; Gia Lung Chin, Executive Director of PwC, and Bob Cheng, Southeast Asia Sales Director of Profet AI.

Crossover Talks centered on the pivotal realm of AI application development in the manufacturing industry, encompassing both the Taiwanese and Vietnamese contexts. Speakers underscored the imperative of strategic investments in digital transformation and the transformative potential of data-driven insights. Moreover, they elaborated on the criticality of facilitating synergistic ecosystem partnerships and imparted valuable insights into maximizing the efficacy of AI tools. The series captivated the attention of nearly 80 foremost Taiwanese enterprises and prominent Vietnamese manufacturers, fostering a vibrant cross-border exchange of ideas and catalyzing innovative notions for talent upskilling through digital transformation initiatives.

(由左至右)Profet AI 全球業務總經理余常任、Macrovention 業務總監 Den Ng、友達數位執行副總趙新民、正新橡膠資訊長陳柏嘉、Hive Ventures 創始合夥人李彥樞、Profet AI 共同創辦人暨執行長黃建豪、台灣大學資訊管理學系李家岩教授、台灣人工智慧學校產學長郭秉宸、五崧捷運副總邱承緯、連展投控創新顧問詹長霖、PwC 執行董事錢家龍、Profet AI 東南亞業務總監鄭宇成。

Vietnam's rapid economic development has attracted numerous multinational corporations to establish manufacturing facilities. However, amidst the global market slowdown due to international uncertainties and the post-pandemic era, the Vietnamese manufacturing industry faces challenges. To elucidate on the matter, Jerry Huang, co-founder and CEO of Profet AI, stated, "Many clients have shown great interest in the Vietnamese market. Undoubtedly, the Friendshoring policy has driven the rapid growth of Vietnam's manufacturing industry, making talent advancement and supply chain relocation crucial focal points. With Profet AI's extensive experience empowering manufacturing industry professionals and achieving swift AI implementation, we aim to leverage this overseas Crossover Talks to unite Taiwan's high-profile AI industry, academia, and enterprise resources. Through sharing successful practices, we hope to assist Vietnam's manufacturing industry cultivate local talent more efficiently and effectively, promoting digital transformation and elevating its global significance in the manufacturing sector."

Navigating the Economic Cycle: Advancing Towards Smart Manufacturing and Data-Driven Decision-Making

臺灣大學資訊管理學系李家岩教授強調組織需要建立 AI 整合文化並不斷提升相關能力,這個過程不僅僅限於經濟衰退時期,而應該視為持續不斷的努力。

The event commenced with a speech delivered by Professor Chia-Yen Lee from NTU's Department of Information Management. He highlighted the importance of proactive investments to capitalize on opportunities, drive growth, and anticipate market trends. Furthermore, he illustrated that for organizations to gain a competitive edge since it was crucial for them to embrace digital transformation as soon as possible. Furthermore, Professor Lee stressed the need for organizations to foster an AI-integrated culture, continuously enhance relevant capabilities, and endure commitment to innovation that extended beyond economic downturns. Lastly, Professor Lee suggested that realizing digital transformation goals hinged on active participation and dedicated efforts from all stakeholders; they are the engine that drives the seamless integration of AI technologies.

Insights into Taiwan's AI Trends in the Era of Big AI

如今 AI 對於提高營運效率和優化製造過程的重要性也漸漸提高,可以看出製造業的 AI 應用勢不可擋。 李彥樞也建議,為加速有效的 AI 部署,採用 No-code 平台可以簡化和標準化流程,使非技術人員也能積極參與。

Yan Lee, Founder & Managing Partner of Hive Ventures, illuminated the 2022 Taiwan Enterprise AI Status Report. The report revealed that 57.6% of surveyed enterprises had invested in AI due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, AI's application scope had expanded beyond sales and marketing, gaining prominence in optimizing manufacturing processes and operational efficiency within the manufacturing industry. Moreover, Lee emphasized the need for streamlined AI deployment and recommended the adoption of no-code platforms to enable non-technical personnel to participate in AI initiatives actively.

Embracing Opportunities and Handling Challenges of AI Applications

Profet AI 全球業務總經理余常任強調,透過合適的工具、易上手的 No-Code 平台和策略性的培訓規劃,企業可以解套人才短缺問題,優化其流程,並靈活應對採用 AI 技術所帶來的挑戰。

Jonathan Yu, General Manager of Sales at Profet AI , shed light on the unstoppable wave of AI advancements. "Boasting seven sectors, including IC design, semiconductors, network communications, servers, display imaging, printed circuit boards, and industrial machinery, with a combined valuation exceeding one trillion New Taiwan Dollars (approximately 32 billion US dollars), Taiwan has established itself as a pioneer in the digital transformation and AI applications within the Asian manufacturing landscape," he shared. However, implementing AI poses significant challenges, including talent scarcity, equipment limitations, and complexities in real-world deployment. Yu emphasized the importance of leveraging appropriate tools, including user-friendly no-code platforms and strategic training programs, to overcome these obstacles. Through the adoption of these measures, enterprises can efficiently address talent shortages, optimize processes, and navigate AI integration.

Panel 1 saw Jack Chao, Executive Vice President of AUO Digitech, Den Ng, Sales Director of Macrovention, and Gia Lung Chin, Executive Director of PwC, emphasize the obstacles and opportunities that lie ahead in the landscape of AI application; in addition, the vital role of strong collaborative partnerships in providing comprehensive support throughout this transformative journey.

達數位趙新民副總、Marcovention 業務總監Den、PwC 執行董事 錢家龍、一同探討 AI 應用的漫漫長路,如何透過強力的合作夥伴,提供各方面的協助。

Unleashing Edge Value: Collaborating with Profet AI to Build a Resilient Digital War Room

Commencing the interactive session, Jack Chao, Executive Vice President of AUO Digitech, shared the company's decade-long transformative journey as a pioneering smart manufacturing leader. Targeting industry advancements, Zhao generously shared AUO Digital's solution-driven approach with industry peers and partners.

AUO Digital successfully navigated the challenges posed by economies of scale across the strait, transitioning to a diversified production model encompassing gaming, medical, and automotive panels. This transformation hinged on the seamless integration of automation and AI technologies, which optimized costs and enhanced production capacity.

Partners in Southeast Asia: Realizing Local Market Demands

As representatives for globally renowned software brands such as LITMUS, DELL, and EMC, Macrovention delivers IT solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of large-scale clients. In addition, the corporation comprises deep-rooted expertise in the Southeast Asian market. In the forum, Den, their accomplished Sales Director, shared, "The importance of 'efficiency' as a defining factor in this dynamic market. To maintain a competitive edge amidst rapid market changes, enterprises must respond with unwavering efficiency, positioning themselves as market leaders." Den further outlined that embracing digital transformation empowered by AI represents the most effective pathway, which would yield the largest return on investment.

Forging a Comprehensive Digitalization Blueprint: A Consultant's Macroscopic Perspective

We had the honor of hosting Gia Lung Chin, an esteemed industry veteran and Executive Director of PwC. He is known for his extensive expertise in implementing strategies for prominent listed companies in Taiwan. Chin shared insights from his consulting engagements, addressing a common question posed by clients during economic uncertainties: "What strategic measures should be taken?" In PwC's report, AI emerged as an indispensable component, surpassing supply chain restructuring in its significance. Chin suggested that AI is essential for holistic digital transformation, as data now serves as a strategic knowledge asset rather than mere information.

Drawing from his experience guiding multinational corporations through ERP implementations, Chin advised a process of reengineering to uncover complex challenges that enterprises may encounter, which includes the loss of experienced personnel due to retirement. Recognizing that ERP implementation alone cannot address these intricate issues, Chin advocated that organizations should integrate AI and digitalize the vast knowledge held by these seasoned individuals. This strategic convergence enables the effective harnessing of the transformative power of digitalization. It is to be highlighted that Profet AI collaborates closely with PwC, leveraging comprehensive advisory insights and deploying AI technologies to guide and empower large-scale enterprises in pursuing successful digitalization strategies. Furthermore, Chin emphasized the importance of embracing AI tools for precise prediction and astute analysis, empowering businesses to make informed decisions in the upcoming ESG wave. By harnessing AI capabilities early on, enterprises can unlock the intrinsic value embedded within their data.

In Panel 2, Profet AI invited notable industry leaders to share their achievements in AI applications. The esteemed guests included Justin Chen, CIO of MAXXIS, one of the world's top ten tire manufacturers; Kenny Chiu, Vice President of Shuttle Service, the leading provider of semiconductor equipment transportation; and James Chan, an expert in capacity optimization and current Innovation Advisor at Acon-Holding.

Profet AI 邀請到到全球十大輪胎廠之一正新輪胎的資訊長陳柏嘉、半導體設備運輸龍頭,護國神山最後一哩路的五崧捷運副總邱承緯,以及產能優化專家,現任連展控投的創新顧問詹長霖,與來賓分享其企業在 AI 應用成果的實績展現。

Transforming Professional Knowledge into Data-Driven Knowledge: Empowering Applications In Various Domains

Justin Chen, CIO of MAXXIS, discussed the company's long-standing investment and plans in the Southeast Asian markets, "In addition to increasing our investment in the Vietnamese market, we also consider providing further assistance towards the market. For instance, how can we bring the experience of Taiwanese craftsmen to Vietnam?" By taking advantage of AI tools, MAXXIS has effectively translated the expertise of its experienced employees into valuable data-driven insights, empowering diverse applications across multiple domains. This transformative process not only bolsters production capacity, but it also elevates the technical proficiencies of local operators. He suggested that MAXXIS has successfully mitigated the challenge of high employee turnover in Vietnam through dedicated talent cultivation and integrating HR system data into AI analytics.

MAXXIS has integrated Profet AI's platform into its operational framework. MAXXIS's strategic vision encompasses fortifying its AI computing prowess while harnessing the transformative potential of cloud-based applications, culminating in a substantial reduction in reliance on conventional machine procurement. By utilizing the Profet AI platform and collaborating with partner ecosystems, MAXXIS is poised to achieve unprecedented levels of integration, propelling its ambitious digitalization initiatives to soaring heights and solidifying its leadership status within the industry.

Proactively Harnessing AI for Data-Driven Preparations

Kenny Chiu, Vice President of Shuttle Service, shared the corporation's transformative journey toward digitalization. By replacing outdated paper-based systems, Chiu collected data, redesigned processes, and developed custom software. Shuttle Service's effective use of AI has yielded impressive results, particularly in predictive vehicle maintenance, reducing operational disruptions with a remarkable 0.2-week margin of error. Looking ahead, they aim to predict tire costs, optimize expenses and collaborate with tire suppliers for the ideal formulations.

Unleashing New Perspectives: Creating a Unified Digital Landscape for Comprehensive Digitalization

Acon-Holding, known for its expertise in electronic component manufacturing, has expanded into healthcare and electric vehicle charging sectors while prioritizing digital transformation. James Chan, Innovation Advisor at Acon-Holding, highlighted the company's commitment to innovative tools through a bottom-up approach. By engaging employees at all levels and facilitating a shared digital language, Lianzhan has initiated 651 digitalization projects, with 470 successfully implemented through Profet AI. The corporation's virtual measurement project has revolutionized its industry, enabling virtual workshops and rapid knowledge transfer. With guidance from Profet AI, Lianzhan has trained over 240 digital team members, achieving company-wide digitalization across departments.

Empowering Domain Experts: AI's Key to Sustainable Business Transformation

Benjamin Kuo, Vice President for Industry-Academia Collaboration of Taiwan AI Academy, drew inspiration from the historical concept of "Tun Tian" (military farming) during the late Eastern Han dynasty. Just as soldiers diligently cultivate and store provisions for battle, businesses must empower their domain experts and seasoned professionals with AI capabilities to drive transformation. This strategic approach reduces dependency on talent poaching and consultancy services, allowing sustainable growth. By proactively investing in AI development, businesses can unlock the true potential of their workforce, ensuring long-term success.



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