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Profet AI and A1 Smart Factory Alliance Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Digital Transformation in Vietnam's Manufacturing Industry

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Profet AI, a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the manufacturing industry, and A1 Smart Factory Alliance, a consortium of smart manufacturing experts, today announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the AI & digital transformation for Vietnam's manufacturing sector.

The collaboration brings together Profet AI's expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning with A1 Smart Factory Alliance's comprehensive smart manufacturing solutions to deliver cutting-edge technology and transformative outcomes for Vietnamese manufacturers. This will help local businesses optimize production processes, enhance resource utilization efficiency, and improve overall operational performance.

The Profet AI AutoML Platform, serves as a virtual data scientist, enabling industry experts to rapidly build and deploy AI-driven applications without coding. Profet AI's technology empowers manufacturers to harness the untapped potential of their data, unlocking valuable insights and driving tangible business outcomes. With a proven track record of success, Profet AI has empowered over 200 manufacturers across more than 20 industries in Greater China, including EMS, Semi-OSAT, PCB, IC design, display panel, and materials solution providers, to achieve better business resilience and competitiveness via AI & digital transformation.

Since its inception, A1 Smart Factory Alliance has focused on providing high-quality, high-efficiency smart manufacturing services. A1 alliance members collaborate to offer comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse needs of different digital transformation stages, including business intelligence (BI), sustainability transformation, and smart manufacturing solutions. These solutions integrate AI and big data analytics to achieve comprehensive digital transformation.

In recent years, Vietnam's economy has developed rapidly, attracting numerous multinational corporations to establish manufacturing plants in the country. However, changes in the global landscape and the challenges of the post-pandemic era have led to a slowdown in global market demand, presenting numerous challenges for Vietnam's manufacturing industry.

"The rapid development and nearshoring policies of the Vietnamese market have driven the rapid rise of its manufacturing industry, making talent upgrading and short-chainification important issues," said Profet AI Co-founder and CEO, Jerry Huang. "Profet AI has extensive experience in empowering manufacturing talent and enabling rapid AI implementation. Through this collaboration, we hope to help Vietnam's manufacturing industry cultivate local talent more quickly and effectively, achieve digital upgrading and transformation, and strengthen its position in the global manufacturing industry."

Through this partnership, Profet AI and A1 Smart Factory Alliance will be able to jointly provide innovative technologies and expertise to help businesses achieve smart manufacturing and empower more talent and enterprises. This will not only accelerate the digital transformation of Vietnam's manufacturing industry but also enhance its competitiveness in the global market, bringing greater value and achievements to customers and the entire industry.

About Profet AI

Profet AI’s end-to-end No-Code AutoML Platform is manufacturers’ Virtual Data Scientist. It empowers industry domain/IT experts to rapidly build high-quality prediction models and deploy industrial AI applications to solve their everyday production and digitalization challenges. Profet AI AutoML Platform is widely adopted by world’s leading customers across industries, including the world's leading EMS, Semi-OSAT, PCB, IC design House, display panel and materials solution providers. We leverage industry leading companies’ successful cases to benefit our customers to implement AI within one week. Learn more at


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