An AI Automated Machine Learning Company


Profet AI (JWII)  was established by a group of experts:
-Worked for international software companies and EHT manufacturing companies.
-Familiar with operation systems across R&D to Manufacturing, IoT, AI Machine Learning, Cloud Native Technologies.

We are eager to build high value-added auto machine learning solutions to solve business and factory management problems, thus help customer achieve digital and intelligent factories.

Our Journey

2020  November.

World IoT Top 500 Ranking List - No.464

2020 Dec.
PreA round of fundraising completed
2019   November.

World IoT Top 500 Ranking List - No.467

2019 November.
StarFab 2019 CIAT Accelerator Program Champion
2019 June.
AWS PowereBy Partner
2019 April.
Microsoft AI 100 Partner
2018 July.
Got AI / ML Project From Billons USD Rev.
Huge Enterprise
2018 April.

We truly believe in the width and depth of AI technology , and there’s too much unknown waiting for us to discover. We also believe that there’s no single company or party can make our client success without support by others. We welcome you and wish to  create value together and make our customer success with us.  

Software partners

No matter you are a mature software company , startups or professional , when you found out your technology our solution can help us grow and win together , never hesitate to reach us and have a talk

Hardware partners

The implementation of Smart Manufacture involves lots of sensor , such as vibration , temperature , voltage , electric current….at the same time , different device such as PC , servers , gateways is a must have too. Let us work together , integrate our solution , and expand our business to create better value to our client.   

IT service partners

Systems Integrators and Consulting Firms is the last mile to realize AI in companies’business process. Our partners use ProfetAI to design, plan, develop, and implement vertical and horizontal solutions of all sizes and complexities.